Make Your FUNK  a "V" FUNK  !

                                     "Ain’t Nobody"... that can..."Rock Steady" like the R&B Funk Band,  V Funk!

“V” Funk, is a Premier Milwaukee based Funk, R&B, dance band. "V" Funk is a high-powered, high-energy funk band that has hit the music scene entertaining fans all across Wisconsin. Their energy, power, and style has proven the ability to entertain and engage music loving fans from all backgrounds, since 2012.

Led and managed by Valerie B. and Vincent Chambers,  they add their own musical flavor to Old School, Funk, R&B, Blues, and Rock spanning the 60's to present day!  This band has hit the music scene and is thrilling audiences across Wisconsin. 

In 2022, Valerie B. and Vincent Chambers formed V Funk's duo group, V2.  Valerie B. and Vincent Chambers of V2  brings power, musicianship, performance, and high powered energy to the stage.  V2 performs a variety genres of music from blues, classic songs, to Motown, and pop.  This duo can meet your musical needs if your looking for a compact band.

Contemporary R&B, blues and funk is evident in the “V” Funk sound. "V" Funk applies its own mix of versatility, originality, and creativity into each song. 

We have been described as “…one of the best Soul, R&B groups EVER HEARD!! They BLEW US AWAY!!”   It is evident that we love the music we play, we are entertaining and that we are a crowd pleaser.  

Fans enjoy the "V" Funk style of music as well as our entertainment earning us a Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) nomination in 2019 & Three nominations for 2023!! Cover Artist of the Year, Female Vocalist, and Bass Guitar.